16th June 2020

‘Lost In The City’ is the third single from the Edinburgh trio’s debut album Nightlife, out now on Triassic Tusk Records. The track is described by ‘Philly’ Angelo Collins as “a late night tale of wild happenings imagined by subterranean New Yorkers,” while the video was filmed by Marta Aspe & Philly during lockdown in Edinburgh, and directed & edited by Gareth Goodlad at Dangerkill Productions.

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18th May 2020

Lockdown collaboration video taken from a charity 5-track EP due out in June, created by Alan Cormack of Dundonian act Spare Snare, and Italian Nomoredolls / Pindhar vocalist Cecilia Miradoli.

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11th May 2020

Vid for the current single ‘You Wouldn’t Download A Car‘, by the new project from L-space’s Lily Higham and Gordon Johnstone.

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4th April 2020

Not really much of a video compared to the usual to be honest but a lovely version of ‘Song To The Siren’… more importantly, heralding Siobhan Wilson’s setting up of an account at, membership of which gets you see many more of her locked-down livestream sessions, as well as a monthly podcast.

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10th March 2020

Woith video directed by Jack Barraclough, ‘Sukhe Phool’ is taken from ‘Navarasa : Nine Emotions‘ – see YTK on an extensive UK tour with Scottish dates starting March 21st.

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6th February 2020

Vid for ‘There Are Days’, filmed inside Hamilton Mausoleum, and taken from the most recent album from the former H2O frontman, ‘From Stars We Came’.

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25th January 2020

Vid for ‘Hold Me Up’, which trails a new Mitchell Museum album on Scottish Fiction, ‘Skinny Tricks’, due in May.

The single is also available as a free download.

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31st December 2019

Vid for the new single ‘London’ by The Sea Atlas aka Calum Buchanan.
It’s the first new material from the aka Outer Hebrides-based musician since last year’s ‘Goodbye’ EP.

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21st November 2019

The new single from Edinburgh-based Ardentjohn, ‘I Wasn’t There’, which is taken from the album ‘Malin Head’ which is out now on Adulation Music.

The video was filmed by Simon Mark Taylor who also also produced and edited the film along with Seth Vincent

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24th October 2019

New from Paul Herbert and JJ Mills, the former Peeps Into Fairyland members take this from an album ‘So Far’, due out in 2020. Vid by Walker and William

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