22nd June 2021
Paper Birch

‘Cemetery Moon’ is the third single from the forthcoming album ‘Morninghairwater‘, due on the Takuroku label on July 30th.

It follows ‘Love For The Things Yr Not‘ and ‘Summer Daze‘ – both songs, like the album’s nine tracks, recorded during lockdown with ideas being passed between London and Glasgow.

Paper Birch was formed in May 2020 by Fergus Lawrie, best-known as founder member of Urusei Yatsura and Projekt A-ko, and Dee Sada, of NEUMES / An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump, as well as a multimedia artist and who directed the single’s video.

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11th June 2021
Adam Stafford

‘Threnody For February Swallows’ is the second single from the forthcoming Adam Stafford album ‘Trophic Asynchrony‘, due out on Song, by Toad Records from July 9th (digital) and September (on vinyl).

It follows the first single from the album, ‘Ruptured Telecine‘ and is described as a “lament for the environment”, the album itself a mostly-instrumental seven track effort driven by the immediacy of the climate crisis.

The video is by Leo Bruges – DOP on Stafford’s award-winning film, the Alan Bissett-narrated The Shutdown). Bruges’ film is an edit of ‘Dr Wise On Influenza’ – from 1919, the only known British film known to be made at the height of the Spanish Flu epidemic.

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1st June 2021
Nelson Savage

Here’s the vid for ‘Glasgow Coma Scale’ – the track being lifted from the Edinburgh act’s recent EP Cracked Beyond Repair).

The shot-under-lockdown DIY effort features cameos from various acts related to the Edinburgh gig scene and Anti-Manifesto label including Jeff Rosenstock, Mike Park, Slingshot Dakota, The Murderburgers, Paper Rifles, Goodbye Blue Monday, the band being formed of members of Curators, Misled Youth, Robot Doctors, Elk Gang, Today We Fight, and Shields Up.

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30th March 2021
goodbye mr mackenzie

Vid for a live version of ‘The Rattler’, taken from ‘A Night in the Windy City’ – a live album recorded during the 30th anniversary year ‘Good Deeds and Dirty Rags’ album.

More live footage in the documentary DVD ‘Until The End of the Road‘ filmed the band’s 2019 recent Barrowland and Edinburgh gigs.

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2nd February 2021

Vid for a new single by Glasgow-based der Mist which trails a self-titled debut album due out on February 5th.

The duo are Ali Whitty, previously of V2 signings Crash My Model Car, and Augusta Fireball – more at

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7th January 2021

Vid for a new single from Alan McClure, ‘Something Good’.

It’s the lead song on an EP from the former Razorbills man, coming out on Lost Wasp Records in early 2021, and provisionally entitled ‘New Toys’ – more at

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26th November 2020
Jamie Button

Flashbang‘ is the second single of 2020 from the Glasgow/Dundee based-based songwriter, with a video directed by Tony Moore for Hatmistake Films.

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20th November 2020
the vegan leather

Slightly belated given its Hallowe’en theme, but we can still celebrate this new single thanks to the vid by Bovine for the Paisley quintet’s first new material since debut album ‘Poor Girls / Broken Boys’…

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1st November 2020
Yip Man

New from the Chinese-based Scot, ‘Evil Doppelganger‘ trails Al Nero’s third solo album, due in 2021, with this video, shot by Jason Sinclair of Poppycock Films

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8th October 2020

The vid for recent single ‘Lifeline‘ was shot entirely in singer Linzi Clark’s bedroom.

“As we were limited with locations due to lockdown, (bandmate) Andrew (Quinn) came over to my flat,” she recounts, “and we filmed it all in my bedroom using some lights, a green screen and some frames and we started to shoot a mix of performance, dance and still shots and then we edited it all together and were pretty happy with how it turned out! It was nice to have full control over it from start to finish!”

More on the band at

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