12th September 2019

Vid for the debut single from Falkirk-based quartet Vulture Party, who consist of members of L-space, Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo, and The Insomniac Project. It’s shot, directed and edited by Adam Stafford, formerly of Y’all is Fantasy Island and a SAY Award nominee as well as an award-winning filmmaker.

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23rd August 2019

Taken from album ‘Kebab Disco’, the debut from the Californian/Scots trio fronted by former Glue / Giant Haystacks man Allan McNaughton.

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11th July 2019

From the band’s current album ‘Bel Avenir’, the vid for ‘Jesus in a Minor Key’ was filmed in Portobello, directed by Chris Watson, and produced by Eyebolls.

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13th June 2019

Vid for a single taken from debut album ‘Arrows’ (out 11 October 2019), the vintage geometric visuals come courtesy of noted Italian maths professor Michele Emmer.
Musically, the release from the band fronted by former Admiral Fallow man Tom Strearn continues the sci-fi theme, paying tribute to Isaac Asimov’s character ‘Oliver’.

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16th May 2019

The second single from the current album ‘Slight Disconnects’, with a video created by Michael M (out of Slime City / formerly We Are The Physics and clearly older than he looks given the source material) and released on Last Night From Glasgow.

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2nd May 2019

The one-take video for new single ‘April’ is an interpretative dance, “an expression of communication between three women – initially supporting each other then eventually offering solace to the viewer as the older lead gazes at the camera with Wilson’s advice, ‘don’t suffer fools’ lingering as the song fades out” – the lyric giving the name to Wilson’s record label, Suffering Fools, which releases new album ‘The Departure’ on 10th May 2019.

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12th April 2019

The lead single ‘Atrocities’, taken from the Dundee quartet’s second album ‘Fleam’, released on Stereogram Recordings. The video was created by Raz Ullah – who as well as being Jane Weaver’s keyboard player, is also part of The Art Of The Memory Palace alongside Idlewild’s Andrew Mitchell.

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4th April 2019

Vid for the latest single from album ‘Back To Hell’, featuring acclaimed Russian artist Maria Rud painting images in real-time onto a light-box whilst listening to ‘Carlos The Jackal’ “at a very loud volume”.

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24th February 2019

From the Edinburgh act’s second album ‘Memory Fractures’, this vid was shot at St Margaret’s House in Meadowbank, and Portobello beach, directed by Gregor Fergie, with Freda O’Byrne manning the puppets and costumery by Wendy Holyer.

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15th December 2018

Vid, by Walkerandwilliam, for the Glasgow quintet’s protest single… also available as a free download.

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