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12th October 2020

Tamanfaya release their debut single, ‘Murky’, via new label Sub Station Records. (more…)

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12th August 2020

Comedic indiepop group The Hector Collectors are celebrating their 20th anniversary this summer with a 12 track best-of compilation. (more…)

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5th June 2020
Army of Moths

Army of Moths release a new, free-to-download track, ‘Why D’ya Have To Be So Freaky?’ (more…)

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14th May 2020
Locked Hands

Locked Hands release a new single, ‘The Getting By’, via Errant Media. (more…)

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13th May 2020

Dropkick release a new album, ‘The Lockdown Session’. (more…)

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25th April 2020

HAVR release a new single, ‘It’s Not The End Of The World (But You Can See It From Here)’, available as a free download (more…)

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13th April 2020

CasioMTB releases a free-to-download single, ‘Pills & Dreams’ (more…)

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4th April 2020

Sweeney Straddles The Sun releases their entire back catalogue, free-to-download. (more…)

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