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23rd June 2020

Starry Skies single ‘Here Comes The Moon‘ gets an online launch on Thursday 25th June, with a live stream of seven songs.

On Sunday: ballboy – well, Gordon Macintyre – will be playing a live set via Instagram Live at 9pm UK time, @ballboymusic. Lucky for some (well, you and me), it’s his 13th lockdown ‘show’.

And – remarkably, given the paucity of events – there’s a gig clash on Sunday. Dropkick – well, singer Andrew Taylor – will also have a livestream at 9pm, details at

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16th June 2020

Well, it’s festival season, but even those of us who detest the prospect of freezing rain and warm lager in a muddy field might be willing to put up with that (more…)

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1st June 2020

Our round-up of this best music you can catch this week from the comfort of your own locked-down home… (more…)

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26th May 2020

We’re pretty sure that Mt. Doubt‘s Wednesday night live streams are now an item as regular as the calls for BawJaws to resign (more…)

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18th May 2020

As many of us are on a seven-day weekend, a gig on Monday night is to be welcomed (more…)

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6th May 2020

On Wednesday 6th May We Were Promised Jetpacks – well, singer Adam at least – will play tracks from new EP ‘Out of Interest’. That’ll be on from 7pm UK time.

On Thursday evening (the 7th for anyone getting confused), the first Olive Grove Records livestream takes place, from 7.30pm. Offering “a chance to nosy at what your favourite Grovers living room/bedrooms look like,” Randolph’s Leap, Moonsoup, Campfires In Winter, Broken Chanter, Carla J. Easton and Jo Mango all plan short sets until 9.30pm.

Oh, and David Wason, of Glasgow trio Closer, has been doing regular livestreams – the dates and times seem a bit irregular, but subscribe to his Youtube channel for updates.

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27th April 2020

We’ll add in shows as we get them. but for now, first up, on Monday 27th from 4-9pm, a mini-festival of sorts – Lockdown City Limits with Connor Fyfe, Alan McKim, Mick Hargan and Phil Campbell among others.

Also on Monday, Dave Arcari plays a full livestream set – Monday 27th, from 8pm.

Then, to the weekend – a Saturday all-dayer. ‘Stay At Home‘, in aid of NHS Fife, runs from 2.30-9pm and features Amy Lou, Moonlight Zoo, Paris Street Rebels, Dancing on Tables, Sunstinger, Beatnic Prestige, Sergeant, Foreignfox and Oskar Braves. It’s organised and streamed by Dunfermline venue PJ Molloys.

And sitting in the middle of all that, James Yorkston plays a 30-minute set as part of Stirling Tolbooth’s regular Saturday Shindig, from 7.30pm.

Also on Saturday May 2nd – Strange Dave of the Strange Blue Dreams plays a solo set as part of Self Isolation Sessions. Also expect some Shiverin’ Sheiks material, at 8pm.

And just to show it’s like every other weekend, a clash of great shows… Mull Historical Society aka Colin Macintyre is in live lockdown at Calgary Cabin (not sure if that’s in Tobermory) from 8pm

And to Sunday – Hamish Hawk will be at his home, streaming into your home, from 4pm.

And finally, on Sunday, Dropkick‘s Andrew Taylor hosts his ninth (!) live stream at 8.30pm. This time he’s not focusing on one album as per the previous sets, so requests are being taken

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21st April 2020

The small-but-perfectly-formed online ‘gig’ scene goes large this week, in that we have the massive NHS fundraiser For The Love of Scotland (more…)

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13th April 2020

Part of the trouble with live music going online is that it can be organised at a moment’s notice (more…)

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