a casual introduction

19th November 2022

‘Supergroup’ is a term that is tossed around pretty frequently, but meet the mysteriously-named Hank Tree (more…)

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18th September 2020
Cold Years

Post-Brexit and post-Trump, youth disaffection is rife, and Aberdeen act Cold Years seem more downbeat than most on their new album ‘Paradise’.
. (more…)

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6th September 2020
Future Get Down

Before hearing a band it’s always handy to get some idea of their sound. (more…)

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25th August 2020

Bands tend not to like being pigeonholed, but HAVR, cunningly, make that an impossible task anyway. (more…)

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12th August 2020
Constant Follower

While band frontman McAll survived a catastrophic head injury caused by a gang attack, he lost every childhood memory, and spent the following decade in a cabin on the West Coast of Scotland, eventually resuming songwriting. (more…)

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31st July 2020
pleasure heads

What’s in a name? This Falkirk-born quartet certainly took their name from a seminal Birthday Party album (more…)

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15th July 2020
Fair Mothers

They say the best things come to those who wait, so anyone following the work of Fife musician Kevin Allan should be satisfied by now (more…)

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18th June 2020

The phrase “needs no introduction” is an over-used one, but for anyone remotely interested in alternative Scottish music, Jill O’Sullivan will be a well-kent face. (more…)

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30th April 2020

Taking their moniker from a non-existent town imagined by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, the electronica produced by this duo has considerably more substance than their namesake, (more…)

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14th April 2020
Check Masses

Having a foot in several camps – or musical genres – can’t hurt if you want to get your music ‘out there’ (more…)

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