Snows of Yesteryear release their debut single, ‘Wait By The Shore’.

The trio – Japan-born violinist Yuuka Yamada-Garner on violin, and songwriters Kathryn Orr vocals and piano, and guitarist David Mitchell – recorded the track at Edinburgh’s Castlesounds Studios with former Burns Unit man Mattie Foulds

The video was filmed by Humble Film Production at – in! – Loch Ard, in the Trossachs,

The track recalls fishing tragedies such as 1881’s Eyemouth disaster, which took the lives of 189 men. “As we were writing ‘Wait by the Shore’ we got into quite a dark place,” says Orr. “We imagined this potential fishing disaster, a young man lost at sea, or having been lured into the rocks by a siren, or maybe he’s met someone else. It’s the whole mind-bending uncertainty of it, with all the older fishwives saying: ‘Dearie, waiting is just what you have to do. Just don’t you question things!'”

“We think of the strings as the magic ingredient of our songs,” says Orr. “Yuuka’s playing is very emotive, she connects with the sadness and dark nature of the tracks.”

Though emotionally electrifying, acoustic instruments are central to ‘Wait by the Shore’, says Mitchell.

“Because of the story we’d created for the song, we felt we should build the track using traditional and acoustic instruments which would have been available in the fictional fishing port where our song was set,” he says, noting: “though in the end we decided to add a touch of electric guitar as its shimmery reverb helped imitate the sound of the sea.”

“We love being in the loch so really enjoyed shooting it,” says Orr of the video by Humble Film Production. “Getting into the water is calming but simultaneously invigorating. Our music is all about the elements, so it felt like the right thing to do, to try and find a visual that matched the themes of the song.”

The band plan a debut album for spring 2023.

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