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13th October 2020
thomas leer

In other news… a roundup of musicians talking to other press outlets… (more…)

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21st July 2020
Kev Sherry

A quick round-up of your favourites in the mainstream media… (more…)

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5th June 2020

A bit of a build-up of ‘further reading’ for you (more…)

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1st May 2020
Belle and Sebastian

Proof that the printed press isn’t dead, it’s just resting, or it’s gone digital – either way, The Guardian had a chat with Johnny Lynch aka Pictish Trail

Local(ish) lads made good, Static Satellites, spoke to the Alloa Advertiser…

And Stuart out of Belle and Sebastian told The Guardian what he gets out to when he’s stuck in lockdown…

And a quick flurry of material from as the lockdown allows a bit of time for catching up on stuff from months ago – Isobel Campbell, Blue Tiles, Owen McAulay and Twin Atlantic among the acts interviewed

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6th April 2020

In the press this week: Over at a chat with Olive Grove Records founder Lloyd Meredith (more…)

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21st March 2020
Anna Meredith

Sorry, we’ve only got is this music? links for you this time round as our team of spotters are all indors, plus our hacks are too shy to submit anything they’ve written for inclusion. Hope that’s ok

Anyway, we have interviews with Harsh Winters, Paul Vickers / The Leg, Malcolm Middleton, Anna Meredith, The Yummy Fur, and many more

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28th November 2019
sacred paws

A mixed bag including a decent Glasgow-based ramble (more…)

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1st August 2019

Here’s a roundup of some of the other media outlets featuring Scottish musicians lately…

HiFi Sean (more…)

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