One in a series of videos for tracks from Constant Follower‘s debut album for Shimmy Discs, ‘Spirits in the Roof Tree’ comes with a video shot by Michael Prince.

He is just one of a collective of artists and filmmakers from the Stirling area whose work, alongside that of the band, is celebrated in an exhibition, Constant Follower & Friends, which runs at the town’s Tolbooth until February 26th.

Shortly afterwards, the band will hopefully be Texas-bound, for the annual South by Southwest festival. However, their attendance is uncertain due to the inevitable financial constraints, so the band have launched a crowdfunder campaign to raise the necessary cash to take them to what could be a vital stage in their career. Fans can purchase a variety of merchandise, as well as book them in for an exclusive private live show, with all monies raised going towards their SXSW journey.

The album, ‘Neither Is, Nor Ever Was’, was mixed and mastered by Shimmy Discs mainman Kramer and is available now, while there are two live imminent live shows: on February 24th at the Tolbooth, followed by a co-headline gig with Mt Doubt at Glasgows Stereo on March 2nd.

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