Glasgow-based trio Bunkhouse release their self-titled debut album.

Available on Bandcamp as well as all the other services, the 10 tracks were recorded in Glasgow, at Braeside Street, or at Crikey Studios – run by the band’s Arion Xenos.

The trio – formed in late 2019 – include Chris Elkin – of The Just Joans as well as The Hector Collectors, My Legendary Girlfriend and Dot to Dot – on vocals, guitar, and keyboards.

Bassist Laura Kelly, who also sings, hails from Galway and is previously a member of Dublin act Fonda.

And Arion Xenos, on drums and saxophone, is a member of Glasgow act Gallus as well as being in The Wife Guys of Reddit and The Just Joans.

The band have so far self-released two double A-side singles, with ‘BYOPB’ and ‘Ballad of the Band appearing on their long-player. Their debut gig took place at the start of 2020, but when lockdown struck, they decided instead to concentrate on recording their debut album.

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