Yip Man releases a new single, ‘Aye Peckin’, on Armellodie Records.

The alter-ego of Al Nero has in fact become ‘Yip Man of Scotland’, perhaps due to his being currently based in the Far East. However, this has not deterred him from putting out the digital release on the label founded with his partner in Le Reno Amps, Scott Maple.

The track is the first single to be lifted from forthcoming second album, ‘Pure Zen, Ken?’ due out in Autumn 2019.

Nero says of the release: “‘Aye Peckin’ is a song about ploughing on, laced with a keen sense of fun and an irresistible marriage of riff and melody. The song takes its name from a doric saying that you may hear from time to time should you ever visit the North of Scotland -‘Foos yer doos?’ ‘…aye peckin”

The single is backed by bonus song, ‘The Little Black Foal’ originally written by the late, great Jake Thackray.

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