Sweeney Straddles The Sun releases their entire back catalogue, free-to-download.

Consisting of three albums, the work of Jason Sweeney and occasional cohorts can be obtained via bandcamp – on a pay-what-you-want basis – but touted as free, if you want, by Mr Sweeney, “for the next few isolated months”..

The three long-players are largely self-recorded and produced apart from sophomore release ‘Tarantula’, which enlisted Garry Hoggan, Nic Denholm, and Martin, Tadhg and Tess Vaughan, as well as guest synth player Paul Kelly.

Also available are 2010 debut ‘Erect‘ and 2018’s ‘Ducks At The Moon‘.

More at www.facebook.com/sweeneystraddlesthesun, or see our Casual Introduction