It’s been a while – around 7 years since debut long player ‘Erect’ emerged – but when you’re a one-man project things aren’t necessarily easy.
However, with a little help from some friends, Jason Sweeney’s sophomore release has come together, and the result is well worth the wait – a riot of shifting styles, spanning genres as easily as Sweeney straddles planetary systems.

So with ‘Tarantula’ out any moment now, what better time to catch up with the man himself…

Sweeney Straddles The Sun


Essentially me. I recorded and produced the album on my own at home, with one or two contributions from friends from previous bands, including Garry Hoggan (All My Friends, The Color Waves), Nic Denholm (The Owsley Sunshine) and Paul Kelly (The Martial Arts, Ette). Paul also played some bits on the first album and plays guitar/synth in the very talented live band, alongside Rosie Sillitoe (synth), Ian Cronan (drums) and Kevin Fraser (bass).


I started the project in 2009, released my very first, very lo-fi album ‘Erect’ in 2010 to a fairly good response. I’ve never had any formal music/recording tuition and I’m not particularly rich, so the past six or so years has seen a lot of tinkering, trying things out, playing around with sounds, acquiring bits and bobs, as well as work and other artsy stuff.


Glasgow. I’m from Castlemilk and grew up across the road from Mark Brown out of Cosmic Rough Riders – that’s as good a name drop as I can muster i’m afraid.

I left Glasgow, studied acting in Liverpool, moved to London where among a few jobs I performed in Stomp. I returned to Glasgow in 2006 and quickly got involved in the ‘scene’ back then, playing in a few bands and then I started writing a bit. There was a big DIY ethic back then too which laid the foundation for me starting to do the same. I’m a bit of a social sponge and before long I’d spent a few quid on a cheap mic, desk and some software (totes legit).


I make experimental indie-synth-pop, rooted in Glaswegian expressionism. My new album features songs about social awkwardness, ADHD and a thought I’m sure many west coasters have had, what happens after you’ve died in a nuclear explosion.


For the love – both of writing and playing. Failing all that, just to take up some of James Corden’s airtime.

‘Tarantula’ is out now on Boffo Bear Records. The album is launched with a gig at Stereo in Glasgow on Thursday 9th March. More at