Savage Mansion release a new single, ‘Monument’, via the Lost Map label.

Taken from the band’s second album ‘Weird Country’, the track is a postcard single as part of Lost Map’s PostMap Club subscription service.

Of the song, singer and songwriter Craig Angus says: “I was reading a lot of hot air at the time from the likes of Steve Baker and Mark Francois.

“At that point they felt omnipresent. I was intrigued by their diet of all you can eat patriotism. I’ve got a lot of fondness for British culture, our artistic traditions, the NHS, fish and chips. But imagine giving that much of a sh*t about Big Ben?”

The single also comes with a new ‘b-side’ ‘Third Lanark’, described by Angus as “an alternative history of the titular football team that were based at Cathkin Park (just round the corner from my bit).”

The “Hi Hi” – founding members of the SFA and winners of the league and cup – went out of business in 1967 thanks to corrupt chairman Bill Hiddelston, but Angus imagines an alternate footballing universe where the team became an all-conquering European force.

“The finished version, which we reluctantly left off the album, contemplates the wealth that Glasgow was built on and where it came from,” he adds.

“This has obviously all ended up in the news recently – there’s been talk of renaming streets after Rosa Parks and George Floyd, rather than tobacconists and merchants.”

While ‘Monument’ is taken from ‘Weird Country’ its b-side was omitted from the second long-player from the band – frontman Angus plus Andrew Macpherson and Jamie Dubber (Catholic Action), Lewis Orr (Martha Ffion, Space Rocket Garage Band) and Taylor Stewart (Romeo Taylor) – which was recorded in London with producer Chris McCrory.

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