100 Fables release a new single ‘Roadside’.

It’s the first new material from the band since ‘History‘, from just over a year ago, and sees the now-trio undergoing a “rebrand”, with, as they say, “an upheaval both personal and personnel-related.”

The band – now comprising frontwoman Lyndsey Liora, drummer Logan Whyte and guitarist Cameron Wilson – have moved away from their ‘80s-inspired sound and updating for the 21st century, along with plans to bring in a (as-yet-unnamed) DJ.

And assisting in the band’s new sound is ‘Roadside’s producer, former Prides man Lewis Gardiner.

“Sometimes, to move forward you have to look back,” Liora says, of the band’s “back to roots” approach to their new material. “My first love has always been pop music and I want people to leave our shows feeling inspired, euphoric and high on life.”

Of the singe, Liora adds: “’Roadside’ is about my recent break up with my partner of seven years. Last summer I just woke up and realised a lot of my friends and family were right. I was really unhappy and had lost myself trying to please someone else. This song is a celebration for me. Of my own strength and finding love for myself.”

More at www.facebook.com/100fables.