Harsh Winters release a new single, ‘Roses in the Back Yard’, which is available to stream or download now.

The track from Luke Joyce is the last in a lockdown trilogy of three songs, this time written and recorded in ‘solo’ mode, before being mastered, as before, by Finnish-based producer Robin Sutherland.

‘Roses…’ may be gathered together at a future date with preceding singles ‘Oh My Bones‘ and ‘Holster‘, which were recorded with Daniel G. Harmann and Sabrina Ellie respectively on vocals, while KT Tunstall and former Mogwai/Honeyblood drummer Cat Myers also contributed to the latter release.

These three songs by the Gothenburg Address / Collapsible Mountains singer and guitarist are the first new material from the Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter since his debut album under the Harsh Winters monicker, ‘The Marriage of a Killer and a Bird Song‘, which came in late in 2019.

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