Ess_Gee releases her debut single, ‘Bubble Queen’, via Single Track Records.

The upbeat and instantly catchy pop track has a dreamy synth band sound combined with her silky vocals, while the moving lyrics depict love, loss and the power of memories.

The Glasgow-based songwriter and musician, real name Shanine Gallagher, worked on the track – the first she wrote following the tragic passing of a close friend – with producer and former Superstar mainman Joe McAlinden, who now runs the Strachur-based label in conjunction with ie:music.

Ess_Gee says of her debut song: “‘Bubble Queen’ was written at a time where everything seemed to be falling apart. I couldn’t speak out loud so the process of trying to make sense of what happened led to the lyrics.

“I was thinking about it all when I was awake, and even in my sleep, as though I was reminding myself that I don’t want to lose memories, and I don’t want to wake up to this world that selfishly moves on without you in it. So, I’ll just stay here.”

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