Natalie Pryce release a new album, entitled, ‘Love + Money In Hull’.

Available as a limited cassette, or as a download, the 11-tracks were recorded live to analogue tape at Glasgow’s Green Door Studios, engineered, recorded and mastered by Samuel Joseph Smith.

The band – Mark Swan, Roisin Murray, Greg Taylor, Steven Litts, Stephen Coleman and Laura St Jude are also joined by award-winning saxophonist Konrad Wiszniewski.

The album, we’re told, was “written in exile in a hotel room in Hull… each song a Kafkaesque horror story about the pains of navigating life through the murky waters of bank queues, wage slips, name badges, fascist supermarkets, class wars, loan debt, global financial disaster, internet porn addiction, corrupt politicians, elitist lizard conspiracies, the ultimate extinction of career options, the ultimate extinction of culture itself.”

The band add: “The opposite of love is money. What would we be willing to do for love?…
The world seems to get a little bit worse every year. This album is about the anger and the sadness of living with that.”

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