The Martial Arts festive EP, ‘Christmas With The Martial Arts’, finally gets a vinyl release

The 10″ four-track release, out now, comes as a limited edition of 50 via the WIAYWIA label, following its original low-key digital-only release in 2020.

It’s the first new material from Paul Kelly (also of BMX Bandits/Carla J Easton collaborator) since debut album ‘Your Sinclair’, which was preceded by an EP ‘I Used To Be The Martial Arts‘.

Including lead single ‘Stockings‘ with its video directed by Gregor Barclay, the set of “winter anthems” were mixed by Sam Smith of Green Door Studios.

Kelly talked us through the EP’s four tracks…

“‘Stockings’ is a snowstorm of Wrecking Crew-bombast as seen through the lens of Roy Wood, while ‘Snow Flakes’ wouldn’t be out of place on the Mac’s ‘Tango In The Night’.

“‘My Christmas Was In June’, originally by Redd Kross/That Dog splinter group Ze Malibu Kids, evokes a dream-pop Everly Brothers, while a cover of Molly Nilsson’s ‘Blinded By The Night’ brings proceedings to a close with the none more apt for 2020 opening line ‘an uncertain Spring changed it all’…

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