Port Sulphur release a new album, ‘Compendium’, via the Creeping Bent label.

Among the 20 tracks it includes lead single ‘Exploding Clockwork’, which features Davy Henderson (Fire Engines / Sexual Objects etc) and Katy Lironi (The Secret Goldfish) on vocals, James Kirk (Orange Juice) on guitars, Campbell Owens (Aztec Camera) on bass, Andy Alston (Paul Quinn & Independent Group) on keyboards, & Paul Turnbull (The Secret Goldfish) on drums.

Led by The Nectarine No.9 & Sexual Objects guitarist Douglas MacIntyre, Port Sulphur also features at various points on the release various Creeping Bent alumni and minor indie legends, including Monica Queen, Ken McCluskey, Jock Scott, Alan Vega, Gareth Sager, Vic Godard, Jay Stansfield and Erik Sandberg, alongside many contemporary musicians based around the community of Green Door Studios in Glasgow.

Of the album, MacIntyre says: “Compendium was the name of a bookshop in Camden Town that I enjoyed frequenting, though sadly, like so many treasures, it is gone. I bought several books and spent many hours browsing in the shop (my favourite purchase probably being Artifact by Richard Hell.”

The release is divided into three parts: ‘Biblioteca’, ‘Paranoic Critical’, and ‘Companion Set’.

The first strongly features Davy Henderson and James Kirk, while ‘Paranoic Critical’ is based around the concept of random element disassociation, not dissimilar to Eno’s Oblique Strategies of Luke Rhinehart’s Dice Man.

‘Companion Set’ takes its inspiration from early 1980s club culture in Edinburgh, centred on Valentino’s and J.J.’s.

‘Compendium’ is available now via www.creepingbent.net.