Paul Francis Wilkie releases a new single, ‘Mabel’.

The follow-up to ‘Edie‘, the instrumental – like its predecessor – is named after one of Wilkie’s cats, and, the musician hopes, following the feline’s “adventurous and playful spirit”.

The two tracks are the first recordings from the formerly Glasgow-based musician, who began recording his first demos during his final year at the city’s Art School while living with members of Tijuana Bibles and Honeyblood. At this point, Martin Johnston (Pronto Mama, Vukovi, American Clay) offered to play drums on future recordings.

The track was self-produced in WIlkie’s home studio in the Highlands during the Covid-19 lockdown, with drums added by Johnston, who, following Steve Albini sound recording workshop at Chem 19, used specialist mic placement techniques to record in his Coatbridge studio.

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