Dean Owens releases a new album, ‘Genuine Lonesome’ (Vol.1).

Available as a limited edition CD as well as a download, the nine tracks were recorded by the singer-songwriter at his own Hummingbird Towers studio during lockdown.

In fact, the Edinburgh-based musician describes the collection as “a wee, intimate bunch of recordings that I hope will help keep you going until my next full label release.”

He says that the album was completed with “just me and my old nylon string guitar, and features some old songs, some new, and one or two songs that I’ve never recorded before.

“I feel it’s a good companion for my debut album ‘The Droma Tapes’ or my gig-only CD, ‘Hearth Songs’, ” Owens adds.

Owens has also set up a Patreon account, where for as little as £5/month fans can get access to exclusive songs, personalised videos and video diaries, with some levels including free downloads and CDs in advance of release.

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