Looper release their fifth studio album ‘Offgrid:Offline’

Available as a limited edition of 500 on transparent blue vinyl, the 10 tracks originally appeared as a download-only release within the band’s 5xCD box set, ‘These Things’.

The vinyl includes a download with 3 previously unreleased tracks, ‘Our Own Way Home’ (the original song that became the intro and outro on the album, and the melodic theme that occurs throughout), ‘Lucky Tui’ and ‘The Back Roads’.

Aside from its original online release, the new material is the outfit’s first since 2002’s ‘The Snare’, Karn David having returned to art school to study animation and husband Stuart working on novels including the follow-up to his 2001’s ‘A Peacock’s Tale’.

The album is, like the first album, structured around a recurring melody, and the spoken word piece which gives the album its title.

The physical release is available from www.musicglue.com/looper, and is also available on Spotify.

The band also release ‘Farfisa Song’ as a two track single including a new acoustic version of the track.