Duncan Marquiss releases his debut solo album ‘Wires Turned Sideways In Time’, via the Basin Rock label.

Available now on CD and heavyweight vinyl as well as a download, the seven instrumental tracks include recent singles ‘Drivenhalle’ and ‘Minor History’.

Marquiss is formerly of The Phantom Band, who sadly split in 2015 following the theft of all their equipment from outside a venue in Lille. Since then the band’s guitarist has been concentrating on his visual art, although also making music to accompany the videos he produces.

“I like it when music builds itself up in an organic fashion,” says Marquiss of the process behind creating the album. “When it just seems to emerge and almost writes itself.”

“I used to use music in my art practice a lot,” he says. “Creating soundtracks for videos. I’d spend time analysing films to see how the music affected the image emotionally.”

Although based in Glasgow, Marquiss recorded the album in Aberdeenshire – in his parents’ garage. “Apart from the wind and the swallows nesting in the eaves there’s not many distractions around,” he says.

“I enjoy trying to stretch the guitar as an instrument,”he continues. “That reflects my playing style, always trying to make the guitar sound different, or create non-guitar like sounds.”

More at duncanmarquiss.com / www.basinrock.co.uk.