Gig news for our readers up (and I mean ‘up’) Inverness way this weekend (16th/17th October):
Six-piece Essex band King’s Cross are to play on the top of Ben Nevis, in what may be the first live performance there since someone abandoned a piano halfway up the UK’s highest mountain.
The band are playing a full electric set, strapping 30Kg power generators and PA speakers on their backs as they make their way up to the peak in what will likely be a typically nippy Scottish autumn day.

The band are known for using every trick in the book to promote themselves, being banned from a venue chain for having custard pie fights on stage and messing about with fire, while frontman Dan Raynham III has been known to model for for Channel 4’s ‘How To Look Good Naked’. However, Kings Cross will be raising money for charity as part of the trip, with Parkinson’s UK and The J’s Hospice set to benefit from funds raised.

The Ben Nevis Challenge is the first stop on the Kings Cross Extreme World Tour which, if it comes off, will see them play the hottest and coldest inhabited areas in the world, the largest monolith in the world and the most remote island in the world, alongside other unlikely places for gigs like the South Pole.