‘The Young, The Beautiful and The Dead’, a photography exhibition by Daisy Dundee, will take place at Dundee venue Dexters from 17-24 October and feature images of Dundee’s best known exports The View, as well as a host of other local talent including The Law, The Mirror Trap, The Twist and Dave?, and a diverse range of faces from elsewhere ranging from The Dead Weather, Peter Doherty, to Goldfrapp and The Ray Summers – as well as Nick Cave, who was recently awarded an honorary degree by the University of Dundee.

The exhibition is part of Dexters tenth birthday celebrations, which also includes a varied programme of live shows with acts ranging from up-and-comers like Make Sparks, The Draymin, and The Ray Summers to tribute bands, to author of California Schemin’ Gavin Bain’s band Hopeless Heroic.