First, the usual preamble. It has been a great year for music coming out of Scotland (see below) so even limiting ourselves to 50 albums is an impossibility (hence the musical pileup at the end of the chart).

And ordering them is just as difficult – as we always say, while some of Jockrock’s top tunes can be found towards the top end, please see the 50 as a general list of top recommendations to hear before another onslaught of quality music in 2019.

But to the winner. David McGregor, formerly (and still) vocalist of indiepop combo Kid Canaveral, reinvented himself for this side project – still rich in classic hooks and self-effacing lyrics, this delve into the world of folk(ish) tunesmithery has proven to be much more than a mere diversion, each song a swooning singalong that could grace stadia or backstreet bars alike. But with his band’s hiatus presumably ending soon, the only question for its creator (apart from, how does he find the time and energy) is, what next?

1. Broken ChanterBroken Chanter (Last Night From Glasgow/Olive Grove)

2. A New internationalThe Dark Carnival (POUM)

3. StoorFleam (Stereogram)

4. Kaputt Carnage Hall (Upset The Rhythm)

5. Paul Vickers & The LegJump (Tenement)

6. Harsh WintersThe Marriage Of A Killer And A Bird Song (629684 Records DK)

7. Sacred PawsRun Around The Sun (Rock Action)

8. The Twilight SadIt Won/t Be Like This All The Time (Rock Action)

9. Blue TilesMelancholitronica (Errant Media)

10. Siobhan Wilson – Suffering Fools (EVOL)

11. Rev MagneticVersus Universe (Rock Action)
12. Savage Mansion – Revision Ballads (Lost Map)
13. BisSlight Disconnects (Last Night From Glasgow)
14. Paper Machine Music Glimpse (Much Better)
15. Citizen BravoBuild A Thing of Beauty (Chemikal Underground)

16. Human Don’t Be AngryGuitar Variations (Around7Corners)
17. James YorkstonThe Route To The Harmonium (Domino)
18. Yip Man of ScotlandPure Zen, Ken? (Armellodie)
19. Neutrals Kebab Disco (Emotional Response)
20. Blanck MassAnimated Violence Mild (Sacred Bones)

21. Snide RhythmsWelcome to Music Industry Fantasy Land (T shirt)
22. Faith EliottImpossible Bodies (OK Pal)
23. Dumb InstrumentDoubt (Bad Tool)
24. Future Pilot AKAOrkestra Digitalis (Glass Modern)
25. ShheShhe (One Little Indian)

26. National Jazz Trio of Scotland -( Standards Vol. V (Karaoke Kalk)
27. PawsYour Church On my Bonfire (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
28. Anna MeredithFibs (Moshi Moshi)
29. AstridFall Stand Dance (Analogue Enhanced Digital )
30. Ela OrleansMovies For Ears (Night School)

31. False BlissRitual Terrains (Scottish Fiction)
32. HoneybloodIn Plain Sight (Marathon Artist)
33. Les Bof!Voila (Dirty Water)
34. Kettle of KitesArrows (Nadir Music)
35. Andrew Wasylyk The Paralian (Athens of the North)

36. Edwyn Collins Badbea (AED)
37. You Tell Me – You Tell Me (Memphis Industries)
38. Lovers Turn To Monsters – Still Listening to the Paris, Texas Soundtrack and Thinking About Wanting to Die… (Rock Action)
39. Richard Luke Glass Island (Moderna)
40. The Cathode Ray Heightened Senses (Stereogram)

41. Peter CatPlays Well With Others (Ice Cream For Crow)
42. JazzateersBlood Is Sweeter Than Honey (Creeping Bent)
43. Mungo’s Hi Fi x Eva LazarusMore Fyah (Scotch Bonnet)
44. Louise Connell Squall Echo Rale (9th Story)
45. Lloyd ColeGuesswork (earMUSIC)

46. Doghouse Roses We Are Made Of Light (Yellowroom)
47. Cosmic DeadScottish Space Race (Riot Season)
48. Herschel 36 Astrophysik (Lickety Splat)
49.Steve Mason About The Light (Double Six)
=50. Half Formed ThingsTo Live In The Flicker (HFT)
=50. Snakeskin Shoe ReviewFuturists (SSR)

*Usual E&OE. We’re bound to have forgotten some album or other, so if your favourite is missing then best just assume that rather than it being (IMO) rubbish, it simply got overlooked, perhaps by just being so good everyone was dazzled by its brilliance or it had become so much a part of our lives that it was hiding in plain sight.