Yip Man releases a new digital single, ‘Tremors’, on Armellodie Records.

The new track is taken from the combo’s second full-length album, ‘Pure Zen, Ken?’, and is available as a free (well, name your price) download.

The track is an ode to restless leg syndrome and St. Vitus Dance from former Le Reno Amps singer Al Nero – aka Yip Man of Scotland, to give the Shenzhen-based musician his full title – although Yip Man is also a band, technically, featuring as it does Colin Reid on guitar and vocals, bassist David Stephen (also on vocals), Greg Barnes on keys, and drummer Neil Warrack.

‘Pure Zen, Ken?’ is still available as a (paid-for) download from the usual online sources.

More at www.facebook.com/justsayyip