The name’s new – well, it is an ‘introduction’ – but the face will be familiar to many. Al Nero – once of the band of the same name, later of good-time indie-pop combo Le Reno Amps, and one of the prime movers behind one of Scotland’s most reliable indies, Armellodie Records – is back, with a new name, and hat. There’s new music – a possible Single of the Year in ‘Not That Easy’ and an album on the way, already all over 6music – and some great videos… but hey, we’re doing Al’s talking for him, and there’s really no need…

Yip Man Ice Cold (by Cheryl McCann)

I am Yip Man of Scotland. I’m more commonly referred to as Al Nero. Though my real friends just call me Al. For professional purposes I’m also known as Mr. Souter. I’m a multifaceted man but in whatever facet you find me, know this, I am always a man you can trust.

When I decided to don the Yip Man tammy for the first time I knew I would eventually need some musical compadres and so on stage I am joined by my sticks-man, Neil Warrack (formerly of Super Adventure Club), Colin Reid (of Cuddly Shark) on guitar and David Stephen (my oldest pal from way back in the Nero days) on bass. On record I was joined by Neil on drums as well as Greg Barnes on keys, Gordon Kyle on trumpets, and Scott Maple and Clare Rajan on some backing vocals. They’re a talented bunch. You could say I get by with a little help from my friends. (And Cheryl McCann provided the photo above).

Where? and When?

I’m a difficult man to tie down. Most of ‘Braw Power’ was written whilst I was living in Foshan, China. I was out there for three years between 2011 and 2014 teaching English as a Foreign Language and darting about Asia. Then on my return to bonnie Scotland and Glasgow I called up my old pal, Scott Maple, with whom I had embraced all manner of rock’n’roll debauchery with during our time as sparring partners in Le Reno Amps. Scott’s a mighty fine engineer as well as a trusted friend. He helped me slim-down a big bag of demos I had. It was then that I approached Neil to see if he’d bang along with me.

The video sorta tells the same story!


We set about recording the album and got it done on a handful of weekends between February and August 2015. It was recorded in Beatroute Studios, Glasgow by Scott and the in-house engineer, Sean Pollock. During that period I moved from Glasgow to Dumfries, where I’m living now. The record was given its final spit and polish in May this year. I’m excited for people to hear it. Getting the record out was a no brainer really. Scott and I have ran a small label called Armellodie Records for years. It’s a part-time, try-as-we-must affair and the Yip Man album will be released on vinyl, CD and download through that. We’ve always had a real strong DIY ethic, not cos we’re cool, I mean we are cool, but it’s been necessity that’s got us to this stage, necessity and a bit of bullish determination.



Yip Man is pop music. Pop in the guitar-driven melodic Beatles-y sense. I’m not great at pigeon-holing but you know, there’s tunes you can hum and everyone’s a winner!


Writing songs is just what I do, it keeps me going. As the great Prince Rogers Nelson sang, “life it ain’t real funky unless it’s got that pop”.

You can get the album via the usual outlets from November 11th – or at And if there’s a Video of the Year category…