St. Martiins release a single, ‘Jazzboy’.

The Dundonian duo – Katie Lynch and Mark Johnston – have previously released their debut EP last in June as well as a single, August’s ‘ur so pretty’.

Next for the band is working on a 5 track EP for release in January, when they will play King Tuts in Glasgow on January 11 as part of the New Year’s Revolution series.

Speaking of the new single, Lynch said: “Jazzboy is my story of moving to Glasgow, thinking it would further me in all aspects of life, especially as an artist. The only thing I really wrote whilst I lived there was “my grave, like my home, i’ll leave shit flowers there” which really represents the jaded person living there alone was making me.

“This ended up shaping the main themes in ‘jazzboy’, the stress and loneliness, the fakeness i endured in social scenes and how I felt if I went missing in that city no-one would have noticed. It encompasses the usual confounding tension between dark upbeat music and content we reinforced in ST.MARTiiNS with all of our releases this year.”

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