Outblinker and Kabobo release a split single, on the GoldMold label.

Available as a download as well as on marbled gold 7” vinyl, the latest from the Glasgow-based label adds to a catalogue which boasts over 30 releases.

Outblinker – Chris Cusack, David Warner, Luigi Pasquini and Grant Donaldson – contribute ‘Kurt Gödel’, named after the mathematician / philosopher and set theory superstar.

Its double A-side partner, ‘Stalactite’ is by fellow Glasgow duo Kabobo – Luigi Pasquini (a member of both acts) and David Barker (not that one. Probably).

The label adds: “All involved are fine, upstanding members of the community with high moral integrity who respect women’s rights, would never vote Tory and think all this business with Russia is a bit concerning.”