Martha Ffion releases a new single, ‘After the Fact’, via Lost Map.

It acts as a trailer for her new album ‘Nights to Forget’, due for release on August 14th, and set to be available on on 12” vinyl and via digital platforms.

The new track is available via Spotify and Apple Music as well as a Bandcamp download, and is also available as a postcard single as part of Lost Map’s PostMap Club subscription service.

‘After the Fact’ was written a couple of summers ago, at a time when Ffion was, she says, “questioning things I could have done differently in the wake of a difficult event.

“It’s a sort of rumination on the (often unhelpful) things you tell yourself and the platitudes that we sometimes offer up to others when we don’t know what else to say,” she explains.

“Ultimately it’s about taking comfort in the idea that, no matter how bizarre or hard the thing you’re going through is, there’s probably at least one other person in the world who has been through it too.

Single and album were recorded with producer Dave Frazer, who also played guitar on the new material. “We were recording, he started messing about with these really angular, discordant guitar parts,” Ffion says. “I started suggesting putting them in on more off the offbeats, jarring with the rhythm and melodies. So most of those parts on the recording are his spontaneous playing on that day – testament to what an amazing guitarist he is.”

Ffion – aka Glasgow-based Irish singer-songwriter Claire McKay – released her debut single ‘No Applause’ on Lost Map Records in 2015.

Her 2018 debut album ‘Sunday Best’ was released via Welsh independent label Turnstile Records, and was nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Award, before returning to Lost Map Records in 2019 for the release of the single ‘Kennedy Hair’.

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