Malcolm Middleton releases a new album, ‘Bananas’, on the Triassic Tusk label.

Recorded by Paul Savage at Chem19 Studios, the eight tunes features some familiar collaborators – David Jeans, the former Arab Strap drummer who has recently worked with Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert, plus El Hombre Trajeado / Sound of Yell man Stevie Jones on double bass (“Don’t worry, it’s not a jazz album”, Middleton reassures).

Graeme Smillie – more often than not a bassist for the likes of Emma Pollock and The Unwinding Hours – is on piano, while Kenny ‘King Creosote’ Anderson, Jenny Reeve out of Strike The Colours / Bdy_Prts, and Dan Wilson aka Withered Hand contribute backing Vocals.


Gut Feeling
Love Is A Momentary Lapse In Self-Loathing
What A Life
Buzz Lightyear Helmet
Twilight Zone
That Voice Again
Man Up, Man Down
Salamander Gray

The album is available as 12″ vinyl with a download code, as well as at Bandcamp.

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