Our regular alarm call forst of all = the rather spiffy Dinosaur Pileup are playing Aberdeen, probaly now (may depend on temporal shift). At Tunnels, so get your rocket powered skates on.
They’re Also at Beat Generator in Dundee the following night, Tuesday, which might be more oractical…

Malcolm Middleton is also a ‘must see, now’ on Monday – Edinburgh’s Electric Circus, where he’s revisiting his ‘5:14’ etc debut album.

On Tuesday, the only place to be is Mull. Really. 6music favourites Public Service Broadcasting are at An Tobar. They’re also at Ironworks in Inverness on Thursday, Ullapool on Saturday, and Aviemore on Sunday, which are much easier to get to (but less fun).

Lach‘s Antihoot Radio Night at Edinburgh’s Henry’s on Wednesday has Candythief and Roy Møller as well as our eponymous hero playing full sets, after the ‘radio’ element of the evening.

Bit of a clash of styles – folk legend (and former alt.folk legend) Alasdair Roberts plays at Tevoit Row, while electro diva Plum is at the Electric Circus. (Mr Roberts is also at Stereo in Glasgow on Friday)

And on Saturday, it’s Brew at the Bog near Inverness – Olympic Swimmers, Found and United Fruit, among others at Bogbain Farm.

Curators launch their second album The Cold in The Walls at The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh on Saturday May 4th, with Cancel The Astronauts and Marionettes.

Fat Goth return to Dundee. Be very afraid. Not just their Kerrrang cartoon selves either, but in the scarily realistic flesh. The’re at 20 Rocks on Saturday.

Finallt, don’t let it be said that nothing ever happens in Dumfries. A full three months before Wickerman, blues terrorist Dave Arcari is at the Thornhill Inn on Sunday 5th.