Jimmy Miller releases an album on the Dogs Got A Bone label – and as ever, All Gone Tomorrow is available on a pay what you want deal via bandcamp download.

Miller appeared on the recent DGAB compilation album Capitalised, and his new release is a collection of songs recorded with friends from the bands Sans Trauma and Annie Christian. It’s the first of four releases that will cover his back catalogue, while he works on a brand new album.

The album came about when the musician visited the Bigbyte studio on Edinburgh’s Stockbridge to transfer some old cassettes onto CD, where engineer Dugald Brough persuaded him to make some new recordings. He then bumped into Dave Maxwell of Sans Trauma and Larry Lean (of Annie Christian / The Last Great Wilderness) and the two offered to contribute drums and guitar to his new recordings and aided in the prduction. Miller’s wife Electra ocntributed vocals and Kevin Armstrong remixed several of the tunes.