The Hermit Crabs, Strawberry Whiplash and Bubblegum Lemonade are among the international acts featured on a compilation from US label Matinée Recordings.

The California indie is celebrating its 20th anniversary and ‘Matinée Idols’ contains previously unreleased, exclusive, or rare recordings from 14 of its current artists.

Other acts include Danish popsters Champagne Riot, fellow Scandics (from Sweden) Tinsel Heart, Australian band Last Leaves (who features several former Lucksmiths), and from Brighton, indiepop legends The Popguns.

The album is officially released on June 23 but is available now from the Matinée shop at

1. Champagne Riot – Ingrid Bergman\
2. The Popguns – So Long
3. The Electric Pop Group – Postcard
4. Last Leaves – Something Falls
5. Tinsel Heart – Talk
6. Strawberry Whiplash – Me, My Selfie and I
7. The Royal Landscaping Society – Moon
8. Math and Physics Club – Shadows Longer
9. The Catenary Wires – You Save Me From Myself
10. Seabirds – Independent Horses
11. The Perfect English Weather – Under My Feet
12. Bubblegum Lemonade – Set The Boy Free
13. The Hermit Crabs – Game Plan
14. Azure Blue – New Moon