Grant J Robson releases a new album ‘Outside’.

It’s the third long-player under his own name following 2019’s ‘Lines’ and ‘Borderless’ – but previously having worked under the McSleazy alias, and also being known for his mashups and presenting a show on Xfm Scotland.

Previously the musician and producer provided the soundtrack to Electronic Arts Superbike 2000 game, as well as working on TV show MTV Mash, and then providing an official remix of The Charlatans ‘You Cross My Path’, as well as further remixing work for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Foals, and providing music for the Antonio Babderas film ‘Take The Lead’.

However, his latest full-length release contains seven tracks encompassing electronics, piano, strings “and everything else I could sample”.

The sounds added to the mix include bowed electric guitar, sampled BBQ percussion (“the looks from the neighbours were memorable”), outdoor sounds from around the world and home-made electronic instruments, incorporating parts from an old printer and cookers.

‘Life in Boxes’ started as a part of a short film, and became a full track for this album – “about the frustration of being away from others… the first sounds you hear are from the streets in South Jakarta, and lead into a journey from solitude to celebration,” Robson explains.

“As always, the tunes are about / for the night.”

More at (Or read a profile piece from his Xfm Scotland tenure, from 2006).