Lonely Tourist is one former member of Odeon Beatclub, erstwhile Glasgow regulars, decamped to the Bristol area to “go solo” by the looks of things, although the track itself was recorded in Glasgow. Now picking up play on Radio Scotland and elsewhere, it’s not without its charm but very much in the footsteps of some who have gone before; I am thinking especially of one M Middleton (who LT interestingly supported at Bristol Thelka back in December 2009), whose tale of self-doubt and uplift via heavily Scots accented interior monologue verses are well known to many readers of itm.
This builds nicely from an acoustic strum to a bit of a military beat and some swirls of other instrumentation and has “future uplifting indie anthem” (Snow Patrol TM) stamped on the top – not sure, it’s halfway between two bar stools and mock turtle, I suspect the obviously quality songwriting and vocal delivery would have better effect exploring a different direction – other tracks are available on the Lonely Tourist myspace so this review may have missed the best of Lonely Tourist to date.