Following the end of The Mill, the series of gigs in Edinburgh and Glasgow in conjunction with Miller Genuine Draft, the brewer has commissioned a survey, which showed that 86% of fans would prefer to see their favourite bands play in an intimate venue.

Over 100 Scottish live music fans aged between 18 and 34 years of age took part, and 80% also said they would prefer the music itself to be stripped back to the bare essentials and played “as it was meant to be heard”, whilst 68% of respondents stated they would pay a higher price to be closer to the bands.

The survey was reviewed, for reasons that are unclear, by Anna Paisley of the Psychology Department at Glasgow’s Strathclyde University, who said: “Young adults consider music to be an important part of their lives, but the findings from Miller Genuine Draft’s survey run counter to many of the large-scale festivals, where production costs have led to an annual rise in ticket prices and yearly expansions have led to a dramatic rise in festival-goers, ultimately detracting from the intimacy of the gig itself.”

Following these findings, Miller have embarked on a new venture, Miller Filtered Music; a series of three shows.

The first will see Doves, for the first time, play an acoustic set of their hits at Glasgow’s Oran Mor on 2nd September. Support will come from Pearl and the Puppets and First Charge of the Light Brigade.

First point of contact seems to be a Facebook page, at