Glasgow-based baroque pop group, How to Swim, are to perform a unique (much-misued description, but read on) set to showcase material from their forthcoming album, “Niagarama”.

The event will take place on the shores of the Adriatic Sea on April 28th, atop the world-famous ‘sea organ’ in the Croatian coastal town of Zadar. The Zadar sea organ is an experimental musical instrument consisting of a series of tubes located beneath a set of large marble steps built into the Croatian shoreline, and which plays’ a series of harmonic sounds.

The band’s ‘collaboration’ with Mother Nature has afforded them the chance to make all sorts of crazy claims which are, factually accurate. “Mother Nature is known for her fondness of freeform solos,” say the band. “We’ve always been keen to experiment in How to Swim,” adds lead guitarist Paul Kelly. “Mother Nature’s jazz chops should guarantee that this is a rewarding collaboration.”

And: “In preparation for the performance, Mother Nature has apparently been in the region rehearsing on the 40-foot organ. One local fisherman suggested she has been playing the coastal instrument “pretty much constantly” since its installation in 2005.”

On the potential for natural fluctuations affecting the performance, singer Ink Wilson notes: “As a band with nine permanent members, we’re used to dealing with personality clashes. We’ve dealt with prima donnas in the past, and we won’t tolerate diva-esque behaviour, even from Mother Nature. She can’t expect special treatment because of her celebrity.”

The main performance will begin sharply at 9pm, with the opening act consisting of a seven year sea organ solo from Mother Nature. More at