In a series of pieces, bands playing the 20th Jockrock Anniversary show try to cast their minds back to what they were doing in 1997.

Mitchell Museum

First up, Mitchell Museum’s Cammy MacFarlane:

“I was just talking to Kris about what we were doing in 1997. We worked out that one thing we definitely weren’t doing was talking to each other. We both remember that we went to a Ben Folds Five gig with a group of friends that we both knew independently from each other.

“I remember Kris being there but I don’t think that we spoke to each other at all that night. We didn’t talk to each other for about another 10 years until Raindeer made friends with Kris at a party and said ‘You’re going to be in our new band’.

“Kris said ‘Ok’.

“And then I spoke to him the following week at our first band practice. We’ve spoken a lot since.

“Back in 1997 (apart from Ben Folds Five) I was listening to ‘Clouds Taste Metallic’ by The Flaming Lips on constant repeat and I was getting to terms with the fact that I really liked Arab Strap. At first I was pretty confused about ‘The Week Never Starts Round Here’ as I hadn’t heard anything like it before.

“Initially I didn’t really like it that much but for some reason I couldn’t stop playing it. Over the course of about a week it occurred to me that it was the only thing that I’d been listening to and decided I definitely loved the album.

“I was talking to Raindeer yesterday about how 1997 was the year that I decided to write a two hour musical with my friend Dave Simpson (who mastered our new album ‘Everett Trap’) on the 4 track I got from my parents for my birthday and got some of our friends to perform it in an actual Theatre.

“It was a very strange show. The plot was about a Pet shop owner that went on an adventure with a talking bin that sounded like Elvis.

“Oh!…I just found out that Kris also went to see that whilst not knowing who I was!”

Mitchell Museum play the Jockrock 20th Anniversary show at Glasgow’s Stereo on Friday 20th October. Album ‘Everett Trap’ is out now. More at