Demos/applications for the Solus Tent at the Wickerman Festival are now being accepted by acts from across Scotland.
The submission process mirrors the relaxed, non-corporate nature of the event, which takes place on Friday 25th / Saturday 26th July. Rather than the usual upload submission partners or bands being picked by a panel of “industry experts”, the Solus organisers simply pick the performers they believe are best for the stage, which over for 10 years has garnered a reputation for the best place to see up-and-coming talent during the Scottish summer.
Acts should submit “2 songs, bio, maybe a pic, few links etc”. Unfortunately, due to the limited resources (i.e. the tent’s promoter being the only person involved!), applicants will only hear back if they are successful, with no room for helpful criticism on how to better their image or saleability.
Aplicatyions are open until the end of February – email For more on the festival see