Fans of classic ’60s pop may enjoy this week’s video choice, and not just for the sparkling melodies of The Martial Arts. The educated eye will also spot the homage to a Scott Walker TV performance of ‘Jackie’, masterminded by Gregor Barclay (of GM Barclay Media), who also provides backing vocals on ‘Not Coming Down’, alongside Nicola West and Guys Weymss.

That aside, and drummer Been Robb, the single, out now is entirely the work of Paul Kelly, back recording under his MA pseudonym after an extended hiatus (during which he’s been regularly spotted working with such names as Carla J Easton, BMX Bandits, Raveloe, and Barclay’s How To Swim collective). Indeed, the new track, mixed by Sam Smith, stems from 2013 when Kelly wrote it on “a borrowed Omnichord which has since stopped working”. However, with several singles training an August album ‘In There Like Swimwear‘ on the Wiaiwya label, it seems that The Martial Arts are back to stay.