Zoe Graham releases a new EP, ‘Gradual Move’.

The four tracks include recent lead single ‘Know By Now‘ and are available as a limited edition 10″ vinyl EP as well as to stream or download.

The Glasgow-based songwriter has also recently worked with producer Bilcero for a single ‘Stubborn Fire‘.

Referring to the new EP as a whole, Graham says: “Life changes, blame / guilt, honesty / truth and eventually acceptance and reassurance.”

‘Sleep Talking, we’re told, deals with Graham’s experience of falling out of love with an ex-girlfriend, worried that her propensity to talk in her sleep could betray those guilty feelings.

“Each track marks one of these emotions,” she adds, “and tells a story of how changes in my life have affected me, and how I have now accepted them as part of the overall story.”

1. Gradual Move
2. Know By Now
3. Fault Lines
4. Sleep Talking

Graham launched the release with a ‘live(ish)’ show which you can view here.

More at www.facebook.com/ZoeGrahamMusic