Yip Man of Scotland releases his second album, ‘Pure Zen, Ken?’

The follow-up to 2016 debut, ‘Braw Power’ is again on Armellodie Records, the label co-founded by Al Nero with his former Le Reno Amps bandmate Scott Maple.

Nero is currently based in China, hence the “of Scotland” suffix added to his nom de plume.

The album was recorded by Maple at Beat Route Arts during one of Nero’s visits to Scotland, aided and abetted by musicians Colin Reid, David Stephen, Neil Warrack and Greg Barnes.

Among the dozen tracks on the album are recent singles ‘Suffer More‘ and ‘Aye Peckin‘. The LP and CD versions of ‘Pure Zen, Ken?’ come packaged with a fully-illustrated mindfulness colour book (plus colouring pencils!)

More at www.facebook.com/justsayyip / www.armellodie.com