Yip Man (of Scotland) (of Scotland) releases his new album ‘Cock of the North’ on Armellodie Records.

Available as a coloured vinyl LP as well as on CD and a download, the 12 tracks from Al Nero follow up 2016 debut, ‘Braw Power‘ and 2019’s sophomore effort ‘Pure, Zen Ken?‘.

The Aberdonian singer-songwriter, previously one half (or quarter) of Le Reno Amps, has been based in China in recent times, with his “of Scotland” suffix helping him be distinguished from the martial arts master Ip Man, mentor to Bruce Lee.

However, due to the pandemic, Nero has instead been forced to remain in the land of his birth, with any live shows in the Far East (or anywhere else come to that) on the back burner for now.

Among the dozen tracks on the album are singles ‘Evil Doppelganger‘, ‘What’s Your Secret?‘, and most recent release ‘Dangling Carrots’ (see and hear it below).

You can also hear Yip Man in session for is this music? performing acoustic versions of tracks from the new album.

More at www.facebook.com/justsayyip / www.armellodie.com.