Yip Man releases his first single of 2021, single ‘What’s Your Secret?’, via Armellodie Records.

The follow-up to October’s ‘Evil Doppelganger‘, it’s the second single to be taken from forthcoming album, ‘Cock of the North’, due for release on Friday 26th March 2021.

Yip Man of Scotland, to give him his full title, is Al Nero – formerly of Le Reno Amps, who has previously released two full length solo releases, ‘Braw Power’ and ‘Pure Zen, Ken?‘.

His new moniker reflects the fact that he is now usually based in China, with the the single recorded remotely – though isn’t everything? – with assistance from various friends.

Of the new track, Nero says: “This song is about cutting yourself some slack. People really beat themselves up about not achieving; comparing themselves to others for this, that and the other. Myself included.

“At some point you have to let go, it’s ok to just do your thing, and get through, or just survive, that’s more than enough, especially in recent times.”

Along with its b-side ‘I’m Miserable Now’, ‘What’s Your Secret?’ is available to download via Bandcamp now.

Forthcoming album, ‘Cock of the North’ can be pre-saved (whatever that means) from various streaming services now at ffm.to/cockofthenorth.

More at www.facebook.com/justsayyip / www.armellodie.com