XpoNorth has announced the full lineup for its music showcases for the Highland’s creative industries festival taking place in Inverness this June.

Among the 60-odd acts listed are The Pictish Trail aka Lost Map label boss Johnny Lynch, local heroes Schnarff Schnarff, and the band formed from the ashes of Algernon Doll, WOMPS.

There are acts from outwith Scotland as well – most notably, Trinidad’s Jointpop, as well as a surprising appearance from Hurricane #1, who do feature Blairgowrie-born Alex Lowe.

There’s also Scottish Fiction tips Mt. Doubt, ever-present festival favourites Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 and Renfrewshire’s finest The Van T’s, all of whom make up a 60-strong showcase which will play out on the nights of June 8th and 9th. (This is at least 10 more bands than last year’s event, making seeing every act on the bill an even trickier task).

The full list reads as follows:
Amatrart, American Clay, Armstrong, Be Charlotte, Bella And The Bear, Bloodlines, Breakfast Muff, Chrissy Barnacle, Chris Kläfford, Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, Crash Club, Daniel Docherty, Debukas, Declan Welsh, Ded Rabbit, Devils Queen, Domiciles, Eleanor Nicolson, Elle Exxe, Foreignfox, Forever, Foxos, Halfrican, Hurricane #1, Imogen Islay Hay, Indigo Velvet, James Mackenzie, Jointpop, Kelvin, Laurence Made Me Cry, Lgtl, L’home Brut, Lional, Louis Wt Buick / Count Clockwork, Mark Mackenzie, Medicine Men, Megan Blyth, Michael Cassidy, Michiel Turner, Mickey 9s, Miracle Glass Company, Miss Irenie Rose, Mt. Doubt, Nigel Thomas, November Lights, Other Humans, The Pictish Trail, Pure Grief, Rebel Westerns, Roman Nose, Schnarff Schnarff, Shy Shy Shy, Silver Coast, Spring Break, The Broken Ravens, The Claramassa, The Little Kicks, The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse, The Side, The Van T’s, The Woods, The Youth And Young, Tuskany, Wecamefromwolves, Wendell Borton and WOMPS.

More at http://xponorth.co.uk