White Heath release a free-to-download single, ‘Abaissé’.

The Edinburgh-formed band relocated to London around four years ago, and since then have recorded the 2014 EP ‘Out Of Angles’.

Sean, Shou, Mark, Adam and Celia followed this up with a single, ‘Ahnen’ / ‘Benign Pornography’, around a year ago.

The band are currently demoing other tunes for their second album, but ‘Abaissé’ precedes another single from the same sessions, ‘Some Won’, which will appear in the coming months.

The band describe ‘Abaissé’ as “a 21st century protest song”.

“Some of the song’s lyrics draw loosely on Victor Hugo and George Orwell as reference points from the past,” Sean said.

“We’re trying to explore music’s capacity to address social and political issues today, and its place in popular culture as a vehicle for change.”

More at www.facebook.com/pg/whiteheath