Swimmer One, along with Swelling Meg singer-turned actress/director Cora Bissett, and playwright David Greig – who worked with Bisset and ballboy’s Gordon Mcintyre on play Midsummer – have collaborated to produce an album, Whatever Gets You Through The Night.
The lineup on the release also includes a varied array of talent including Conquering Animal Sound, Emma Pollock, Errors, Eugene Kelly, Meursault, Seafieldroad, Rachel Sermanni, Ricky Ross, RM Hubbert, Withered Hand and Wounded Knee.
“Inspired by the hours between midnight and 4am”, the creative process also spawned a live show at Glasgow’s Arches last June, as well as a film by Daniel Warren featuring the musicians which will show around Scotland in 2013. There’s also a book with lyrics and text from the project by Studio LR.
And, of course, the 16-track album, produced by Swimmer One’s Hamish Brown and released on the band’s own Biphonic label.
More at the project’s Facebook page.