A document of Dundee’s underground 90s music scene gets a 20th anniversary re-release, in remastered form, as a free download.

‘We Started With 100 Members’ features 16 tracks with (deep breath) Nikita, Cain’s Film, Mercury Tilt Switch, Fat Dumpling Shark, Voigt Kampf, Saz, Laeto, Magnetic North Pole, The Duke of Portland, Asuka, [BOX], Fungicide, Venetian Love Triangle, Gerils, Infernal, and Hamper.

Subtitled “An audiological guide to the music of Dundee”, the album was originally released in 2000 on the N.Pole Sound Lab Recordings label, run by Alex Botten out of Magnetic North Pole, who says: “I was in a hurry to get it out, so the mastering was non-existent and the levels were all over the place. Everything was rushed.

“Now I’m not in a hurry, now I feel it’s a good idea to finally master the record properly and re-release it as it should have always sounded. This is the best it’s ever sounded.”

Now based in the English Midlands, he adds: “The late 90s were a magical time in Dundee, and I wish I’d realised just how special they were when I was living through them.”