We Are The Physics release a single, ‘Applied Robotics’ on 13th August.
Here’s some words from Michael M: “We’ve had Applied Robotics as a live staple for a while and generally stop to take photos of each other in the middle of the song as a future indicator of the very moment we get bored of playing it. It’s fairly indicative of the general theme of our new record which is the democratisation of high technology and how it becomes an almost invisible and underwhelming extension of our bodies. We thought maybe we no longer appreciate how powerful the technology we take for granted is and we wondered at which point we’ll merge with it completely like robo-folks. It could’ve already happened if you regard even wearing glasses or contact lenses as high technology, which it certainly was at one point. Also, we just liked shouting ‘robotics’ so everything we just said is retro-fitting justification. It’s more about shouting.”

The band are also set to hit the big screen, as they are have been filming scenes for ‘God Help The Girl’, the musical feature film written and directed by Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch, starring as band ‘Wobbly Legged Rat’.
They play on August 22nd at Edinburgh Electric Circus w/ Churches